What is EnviBin?

In short, we’re the best bin cleaners in the business. Or at least that’s what our clients say. But seriously, we’ve dedicated every part of our business to make sure that we are in actual fact the best of the best and that we earn that top spot at no cost to the environment.

We’re very proud of our specialised system that recycles water and we only use eco-friendly chemicals. Check out our cheeky video to see how we go about things.


How does it work?

Sign up for one of our recurring monthly options, and we come around on refuse removal day. After the municipality have done their thing, we do a number on your bin, leaving it disease free and fresh as a daisy.

So why choose EnviBin?

waterwise-image Water-wise
recycling system
chemicals-image Bio-degradable
pressure-image Ultra high-pressure
cleaning system
bacteria-image Kills 99%
of bacteria

We joke about being tree huggers, but we do take great responsibility in looking after the environment. Our entire system was developed with that in mind.



Living the good life behind a picket fence with 2,4 kids and smiley neighbours? Probably not, who’s normal nowadays anyway? However, the one fact you can bank on is that the inside of your bin looks like Middle Earth.

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Property managers and body corporates

We understand that keeping every tenant and resident happy is like trying to heard cats. And while we can’t help you with the neighbourhood politics, we’ll definitely make sure that dirty bins, or smelly bin areas, don’t make the agenda at the next AGM.

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Businesses and corporates

In the greater scheme of your business, cleaning your bins and bin area should be the least of your concerns. But it could very well become your numero uno headache - customers have a way of avoiding spots that smell fishy. We’ll take care of your bins and bin area while you crack on with the business of business.

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Business opportunity

Become a part of our national brand: Bin cleaning as a service to domestic & commercial clients is a well established industry. Utilizing the latest technology, EnviBin offers an environmentally friendly and water-wise wheelie bin cleaning service, giving you an edge.

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